Day 95: 9/6/10

The Final Summer Project is officially over. I no longer have to carry my camera around to random locations or stress about not having a good photo for the day. Classes start tomorrow, and I have so many new things to worry about. This Project has done a lot for my photography skills; and who knows, maybe I’ll start another one.


Day 94: 9/5/10

I was worried that my apartment wouldn’t really feel like home, but thanks to two bookcases in my bedroom, I’ve been able to put up all my photos and memories. These shelves have really helped to decrease the creepiness of living by myself.

Day 93: 9/4/10

My sister and I bought my parents tickets to a dinner and a movie special in Birmingham for their anniversary. There was a buffet and all you could eat popcorn and soda. ‘Going the Distance’ ended up being the film we saw; it was very cute and funny. It was so nice to hang out with the family while doing something we had never done before.

Day 92: 9/3/10

Today was move in day. Surprisingly enough, everything was moved in and set up in only 2 hours. That’s probably thanks to all the help I got from a number of Jessica’s and my uncle Darrel lending a helping hand. The place looks amazing!

Day 91: 9/2/10

In an attempt to get a jump start on the move, my parents and a friend of mine took a good amount of stuff to my apartment today. It was a good sneak peak into the craziness that will be the official move in day. As the daylight was dying, we attempted to put together the futon and other tables. The apartment was covered in plastic wrappers and boxes.

Day 90: 9/1/10

We got the keys to my apartment today, which required me and my mom to go up to the apartment and check to see if everything was running properly. Afterward, we met up with my sister at the university pavilion, and I got a few more books I need for class. This entire week has been about the move and college; nothing else is on my mind.

Day 89: 8/31/10

I spent today watching multiple episodes of Gossip Girl (at home as well as at Lauren’s house) and making a new video for the channel. Later that night, a few of us hung out at Lauren’s watching the newest season of Gossip Girl on DVD. Lauren’s family now has double the furniture since they’ve moved from China back into their old house that still had all of its old furniture. There’s now all these interesting new pieces, like this bird cage turned lamp.